The Town of North Carrollton, Mississippi
Volunteer Fire Department

The Town of North Carrollton want to acknowledge and honor the brave men of the Carrollton/North CarrolltonCarrollton/North Carrollton VFD Firehouse Volunteer Fire Department . The all Volunteerfirehouse Fire Department is the 2nd oldest in Carroll County. The Fire House is located on main street in North Carrollton, with a 16 member fire crew and a fleet of 7 fire trucks. It is by far the largest VFD in Carroll County.

The Carrollton/North Carrollton VFD takes Primary Calls on 176 square miles, Secondary calls for 320 square miles and Assist Calls on 628 square miles of Carroll County. Total Population served is 8,600.

The history of the VFD in Carrollton began in the late 1800's when the town of Carrollton was first founded. Later Carrollton divided into two towns using the Big Sand Creek as the natural dividing line.
At this time the Carrollton/ North Carrollton VFD is the only joint venture between the two towns.
Please visit the Carrollton/North Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department website.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 435
North Carrollton, MS 38947
FAX #: (662)237-9268