The Town of North Carrollton Mississippi
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The Carroll County Recreational Park was the first major project of the
CCDA and was a joint effort with the Rebel Recreation League [now the
Carroll County Recreation League] and the County Board of Supervisors.
It has 4 fields which can be used for baseball, softball and soccer.
The next phase of construction will be to install a bridge across the creek and build an outdoor classroom with nature trail.

The Carroll County Recreational Park is located on Charleston Rd. Hwy. 35 N. in North Carrollton.
GPS put in Black Road, Carrollton, MS

See Google Map below.

  Carrollton/North Carrollton Recreational Park+Larger View


Please check back in the new ball season.

Put in Black Road, Carrollton, MS
Black Road is right across from the field
The Recreational field and Black Road are actually in North Carrollton,MS
Google Maps has it listed as Black Road, Carrollton,MS
Please don't let this confuse you.

Google Directions from Hwy 82/Hwy 17 intersection at
Carrollton to the Recreational Park on Charleston Road

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